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Cleaning & Care Products

RM 81 ASF Active Cleaner, alkaline (Truckwash)

Efficiently and gently acting high-pressure cleaning concentrate for heavy oil, grease and mineral soiling. Suitable for cleaning vehicles, tarpaulins and engines.

Available in 10 and 20 Litres.

RM81 ASF en.pdf RM81 INFO.PDF

Cleaning Agents for Pressure Cleaners

Cleaning Agents for Floor Scrubbers

RM 31 ASF Oil & Grease Cleaner Extra (Degreaser)

Highly concentrated high-pressure deep cleaning agent.  At all temperature ranges, highly efficient lifting of the most  stubborn contaminations, such as oil, grease, tar, soot and smoke resin. NTA free.

Available in 2.5, 10 and 20 Litres.

RM31 ASF en.pdf rm31 info.pdf

RM 800 ASF  Intensive Rim Cleaner, acidic

Highly effective rim cleaner concentrate. Active foam enables the gentle removal of all normal rim contamination, like brake dust, tyre wear, winter salt residues, lime stains and salt deposits.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM800 ASF en.pdf rm800 info.PDF

RM 801  Rim Cleaner, alkaline

Special wheel cleaner for all coated alloy and steel rims (except uncoated highly polished special-purpose rims). Gentle action effectively removes the most stubborn dirt, such as road dust, baked-on brake dust, tyre dust and deposits of winter salt.Has no harmful effects on concrete floors or wheel arches.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM801 en.pdf rm801 info.PDF

RM 803 ASF  Prewash, NTA-free

Active, gentle high-pressure prespraying agent. For trouble-free acceleration of the softening and removal of oil and grease deposits, as well as insect residues. NTA-free.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM803 ASF NTAfree en.PDF rm803 info.PDF

RM 821  Spray Wax

Liquid spray wax for the preservation and shiny finish care of the entire vehicle. Unaffected by water quality, it provides a spotless finish without blow drying. VDA-compliant.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM821 en.pdf rm821 info.PDF

RM 25 ASF   Active Cleaner, acidic

Acidic high-pressure primary cleaner for sanitary areas.

Removes limescale, rust, beer stone and milk stone, grease and albumen stains. Ideal for cleaning inside tanks in the food industry.

Available in 10 Litres.

RM25 ASF en.pdf RM25 INFO.PDF

RM 55 ASF   Active Cleaner, neutral

All-purpose, gentle high-pressure fluid concentrate for use on heavy grease and oil contaminations and contamination caused by emissions. Ideal for facade cleaning and for cleaning sensitive surfaces.

Available in 2.5 and 10 Litres.

RM55 ASF en.pdf RM55 INFO.PDF

RM 99   Solar Cleaner

Highly efficient, gentle and biodegradable cleaning agent for residue-free, streak-free cleaning of solar and photovoltaic systems. Prevents the formation of limescale. For all water hardness levels. For removing stubborn bird droppings, pollen, rust and dust. Also suitable for aluminium frames.

Available in 10 Litres.

RM99 en.pdf rm99 info.PDF

RM 110 ASF   Machine Protector

Scale inhibitor for hot water high-pressure cleaners with integral corrosion protection, especially for use in new HDS units with System Care option. The System Care Advance 1 RM110 ASF formula offers improved protection against limescale deposits on heater coils (up to 150 °C) and provides integral corrosion protection for components in contact with water.

Available in 1 and 10 Litres.

RM110 ASF en.pdf rm110 info.PDF

RM 743   Universal Floor Cleaner

All-purpose floor cleaner for cleaning both resilient floors and also hard surfaces. Suitable for streak-free cleaning of linoleum and fine stoneware tiles. Very low-foam. Free from tensides and readily separating.

Available in 1 Litre.

RM743 en.pdf rm743 info.PDF

RM 730 ASF   Floor Shine Cleaner

Low-foam floor shine cleaner for all high-gloss hard and resilient floors. Especially suitable for cleaning high-gloss stone floors. RM 730 ASF dries streak-free.

Available in 1 Litre.

RM730 ASF en.pdf RM730 INFO.pdf

RM 69 ASF   Floor Deep Cleaner

Powerful cleaner, effortlessly removes stubborn oil, grease, soot and mineral soiling from floors and industrial floors.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM69 ASF eco!efficiency en.pdf rm69 info.PDF

RM 755 ES ASF   Floor Shine Cleaner,

extra low-foam

Citrus-fresh low-foam cleaner brings an attractive sheen to all hard floors. RM 755 ES dries completely streak-free. Specially suitable for high-sheen stone floors.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM755 ES ASF en.pdf RM755 INFO.PDF

RM 753 ASF   Fine Stoneware Cleaner

Special cleaner for all fine stoneware tiles. Reliably dissolves oil, grease and mineral soiling. Does not impair anti-slip properties of tiles. Free from tensides and readily separating.

Available in 10 Litres.

RM753 en.pdf rm753 info.PDF

RM 751 ASF   Floor Deep Cleaner,


Acidic deep cleaner for floor cleaners. Effectively removes cement film, deposits and residue, e.g. limescale, rust, beer or milk residues. Ideal for final cleaning on building sites.

Available in 10 Litres.

RM751 ASF en.pdf rm751 info.PDF

RM 770   Universal Cleaner,


Powerful surfactant-free universal cleaner for all textiles,

resilient and hard floor coverings as well as ceilings and walls. Removes stubborn oil, grease and nicotine stains. Offers lasting protection against dirt and stains, cleaning intervals are extended.

Available in 1 Litre.

RM770 en.pdf rm770 info.PDF

RM 776   Tyre and Abrasion Marks Remover, NTA free

Highly active special cleaning agent for lifting rubber dust and wheel marks caused by industrial trucks. Also powerful in removing heavy oil and soot soiling as well as polymer and wax coatings. Adhesive tape residue is efficiently removed.

Available in 10 Litres.

RM776 NTA free en.pdf RM776 INFO.PDF

RM 758 ASF   Escalator Cleaner,


The intensive hard floor cleaner for escalators and travelators additionally protects the machine and the escalator materials from corrosion. Dissolves oil, grease and mineral soiling. For escalators manufactured by Kone, OTIS, Fujitel, Schindler, MITSUBISHI, CNIM, DONG, YANG, HITACHI and TOSHIBA, for example.

Available in 20 Litres.

RM758 ASF en.pdf rm758 info.PDF